Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 9 and 10 combined...Life just happens

Trying to sum up the past two days after having my own version of a temper tantrum.  Well I am not perfect only God is.

Pack-up day without Jennifer led to some interesting situations. First someone has to watch the baby because he wants to be under papa's feet.  Cute and adorable he is but it was not quite safe for him so that slowed things down.  My kids know that I pack a certain way, the Marines trained me to do this.  So this means I use them as runners till they start to understand how and where things need to go.  The whole process with a little mumbling and murmuring took till the early afternoon when I told everyone we could go to the park, but Judah had other plans so Aaron had to stay behind too and prove to papa he could be patient and wait.

Later we went out to fuel up and get a morning snack that took longer than usual.  We got back in the dark but were still able to stage the van for easy hookup in the morning. 

Moving day started without a hitch and we were rolling by 9:30.  It would have been earlier but Judah again had other plans.  We made great time and even stopped at a local welding shop to get are stairs repaired.  It was well worth every penny. 

At our arrival the campground was a flurry of new arrivals and those who had been here a couple of days putting there names into the sewer lottery.  Yes it does sound funny, but it gets pretty serious among the senior citizens.  We were blessed with a site today with full hookups. Out of over 40 people and 16 sites we got one.   While I was off handling this poor Justyn was dealing with feeding the kiddos lunch and drinks. 

Pulling into our site was another story all together.  It is a corner site with aree in a bad spot for our awning.  This immediately caused Justyn and I to get upset with each other.  To make matters worse we blocked traffic and then all the RV experts arrive to share their opinion on how to park the trailer.
In the end we did it without help and even learned how to put the awning out part way and reinforce it.
Tonight was rather special for Justyn he went to the Jam session and played in front of everyone there.  He said he was so nervous.  They even clapped and everything.
All in all it was a pretty good day.

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