Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dutch Oven (over a fire) Peach Cobbler

. The original recipe I found said to take 3-6 cans of canned peaches. I used 2/3 of an ENORMOUS can.
you top with 1box of vanilla cake mix (dry)
and praline topping (1cup flour, 2cups brown sugar, 1cup chopped walnuts & 2 cups oats)
cut up 1stick of BUTTER (not margarine) and place pats of butter all over the top of cobbler.
to cook place 8-10 charcoal briquettes under Dutch oven & 20 coals on top. Cook 40 minutes.

I would add pictures .
but I still cannot upload them from my windows phone .

we had extra peaches so we did change this up and tried it in our toaster oven the following night. I put the peaches in the bottom and spooned in the little container of canned cranberries from the box.
 I didn't have another vanilla cake mix. So we used a box of cranberry orange sweet bread mix and halved the praline recipe on top. This 2nd recipe was even more amazing. 45 minutes in the preheated toaster oven at 350 did it.

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  1. Nice! Thanks for sharing it. It was a bit hit with ours. :)