Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 9 and 10 combined...Life just happens

Trying to sum up the past two days after having my own version of a temper tantrum.  Well I am not perfect only God is.

Pack-up day without Jennifer led to some interesting situations. First someone has to watch the baby because he wants to be under papa's feet.  Cute and adorable he is but it was not quite safe for him so that slowed things down.  My kids know that I pack a certain way, the Marines trained me to do this.  So this means I use them as runners till they start to understand how and where things need to go.  The whole process with a little mumbling and murmuring took till the early afternoon when I told everyone we could go to the park, but Judah had other plans so Aaron had to stay behind too and prove to papa he could be patient and wait.

Later we went out to fuel up and get a morning snack that took longer than usual.  We got back in the dark but were still able to stage the van for easy hookup in the morning. 

Moving day started without a hitch and we were rolling by 9:30.  It would have been earlier but Judah again had other plans.  We made great time and even stopped at a local welding shop to get are stairs repaired.  It was well worth every penny. 

At our arrival the campground was a flurry of new arrivals and those who had been here a couple of days putting there names into the sewer lottery.  Yes it does sound funny, but it gets pretty serious among the senior citizens.  We were blessed with a site today with full hookups. Out of over 40 people and 16 sites we got one.   While I was off handling this poor Justyn was dealing with feeding the kiddos lunch and drinks. 

Pulling into our site was another story all together.  It is a corner site with aree in a bad spot for our awning.  This immediately caused Justyn and I to get upset with each other.  To make matters worse we blocked traffic and then all the RV experts arrive to share their opinion on how to park the trailer.
In the end we did it without help and even learned how to put the awning out part way and reinforce it.
Tonight was rather special for Justyn he went to the Jam session and played in front of everyone there.  He said he was so nervous.  They even clapped and everything.
All in all it was a pretty good day.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 8 of ? Loneliness is starting to set in.

Today was a pretty good day over all.  The 14 year old is starting to get frustrated at how long menial tasks take and I just laugh a maniacal laugh.  He totally doesn't get it yet but he is starting to learn.  He is becoming wiser in his debate for creation and it is shedding light on the secular influence in his life.  I pray this continues as he matures into a man of God.
We made it to the park today actually walking there because I am stubborn and want exercise.  The weather had the last laugh though it started to rain about 15 minutes after we got there.
We did plan on making dutch oven pizza but the 14 year old decided to play reason and we had tombstone pizzas and watched the Lone Ranger.  Kind of a silly irony.  Might have been worse if it was spaghetti (lol).
All in all a good day we just miss mommy.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 7 of ? Negative training, Tests, and Happy Trails

We are negatively training our cat.  How do you say?  Every time that rascal escapes we reward him with canned food.  So how is that helping.... yeah not at all.  Ugh.

Today was a test of sorts.  It has been a week now that Jen went to California.  That being said a lot of people have come along side us to help us get through this trial.  I have to give all the glory to GOD.  He continues to lead the way in which we should go.  Please continue to pray for us and our ministry as we carry on.

Tomorrow we part paths only temporary with our new and dear friends the Weavers.  We have only know you guys a short time but look forward till we can meet up again.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 6 of ? Curfew and Temper Tantrums Oh My

Well today was not a complete bust.  We did make it to the store and even had a little extra to help a friend in need. 
The evening consisted of a Muppet Show marathon.  It is amazing how I don't recall any of the guests but boy do I remember the lyrics.
Judah has decided he does not like daddy tonight and is throwing a complete temper tantrum.  Not fun for anyone.  This tone I know it's not from an allergic reaction.  Poor little guy is just missing mommy.
On another note the oldest actually came in early before his curfew.   He really tries but sometimes he loses track of time.  Hazzah for Justyn.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 5 of ? Potluck... Bring it on!!!!

So doing this from my phone is challenging...

My kids today must have thought I lost my mind preparing for the days festivities and like any good kids would do they rose to the occasion to observe their dad try and pull it off.
There was a traveling couple who performs skits to not just entertain but educate as well.  They have been fulltimers on the road for 25 years.  The performance was awesome and even made the teens laugh and smile too.  They are known as the Act!vated Story Theatre.  http://activatedstorytheatre.com
After the performance all the families were going to get together for a potluck.  Seemed simple enough right.  Take care of six kids... get them to a performance then... to a potluck.  So this needed a plan and for those who understand Marine lingo this means BAMCIS!  (This where you all go what???? Like a minion)  Yeah that's right to accomplish this daunting task was going to take the Marines!  Did this help you say?  Actually no it made it worse and this is where I go wrong with my kids all the time.  First I explained what we were doing and they seemed to understand but they slowly lost it.  With all the meaningless task that just had to be done before we left made the goal almost impossible to reach.
So one task that was beyond there scope was to finish making the bed... here is where it gets funny last night they were tasked with it since we just laundered the sheets and blankets.   Simple enough unless the two tasked with it fall asleep doing it so this carried over to today.  It took them over 12 hours to complete this and keeping them on task was almost impossible but these two little ones are like oil and water.  So you say it took 12 hours to make a bed you say.  No actually the worked played and slept together for twelve hours without one physical altercation.  That was amazing in and of itself.
So as they worked on that I prepared the meal to take to the potluck and the oldest two boys helped entertain the youngest two.  They were unaware of this and you have to be tricky when tasking the oldest boy.  It has to be his idea for him to participate.  So we prepared a pasta bake (of course we're Sicilian) and a salad and put it in the crock pot and out the door we went and actually arrived on time to not only the performance but the potluck as well.
In other news Bandito escaped again today and Micah's heart sank as he wasn't fast enough and it was dark out.  We lost track of him in the thick palm bushes but thankfully he was led by his stomach as I played the canned cat food song by popping the lid he came running home.
One other awesome and noteworthy event that occurred today was the 4 year-old playing on his brother's guitar and trying to sing Doolie.  Its a bluegrass song that he has become fond of ever since we met the Weavers, they are a great influence on these kids and help me convince Jennifer that bluegrass is just awesome.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 4 of ? Kung Fu dinner and theatre.

Today started out great all the fevers went out and we actually went out to the store.

This afternoon we even got to wash the bedding for the kiddos to get rid of the stale sick smell in the camper.

During this time Bandito escaped twice once when we were here.  The second tome I came back to the camper door open and him wandering around the campsite.
Dinner was a treat of Chinese food and Kung Fu Panda.  Yet this is where everything went wrong.  While preparing dinner two of the boys were 40 minutes late.  To top it off Aaron fell on his head off the ladder and in all the commotion of getting ice Justyn broke the handle to the freezer.  Which is replaceable.
What do we take away from these events... God is still in control.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

choose your words

Greetings from California

so I flew in Sunday. Last Friday my mom was rushed to the ER here. Her updates are going to be on my other blog page ... As I work through this ...

today I want to share with you a fantastic God story.

late this afternoon I went to the drug store to pick up a few items for my mom before I headed back up to her house.

there was a homeless man and his mom & dog ... I stopped and gave him a couple dollars. A few weeks back I saw an amazing video about a homeless blind man that really affected me.

here is the link: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0QmxD3HZ2V0&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D0QmxD3HZ2V0#

so I thought that was it.

I got in the car and began to pull away. And then... Pulled back in. By now for sure someone would have thought I was crazy.
my mom is giving up smoking... And I had every intention of destroying the cigarettes I had found in the house .... But God laid it on my heart to give them the cigarettes (a whole carton). They were thrilled. They said they would sell them and have food for maybe a whole week or 2!

I also stopped and shared the Gospel using the Gospel bracelets and visited with them for a few minutes. They were surprised that I would do that especially when they asked me why I did and told them my mom was in the hospital.

the gentleman actually said he sometimes questions if God hears them and that he saw my kindness as an answer to prayer.

it's actually kind of crazy how God is using Frank & I separately this week. How HE is using me even though its the last think I expect.

Day 3 of ?

Listening to "God gave me you,"  makes me think of my bride over 3000 miles away.  Knowing the little kiddos don't understand why mommy is not here.  Glad the Lord is the author of this story.
Today is starting out great fevers are now starting to subside yay! Now to conquer this day and make it adventures.
It's now afternoon and the two of them are sleeping off the cold which has been the same for each.  This is promising that tomorrow might lead to be a more productive day.  Today has been a great blessing though in that the oldest has started showing initiative which can't be trained (this I know from the Marines).  He is becoming a great young man.
We had another visit tonight this time by some talented musicians.  I really love these kids there great encouragers.  Wholesome influence is always appreciated what a blessing.
On another note it's now 10:20 at night and the 12 year old fell asleep in my bed.  Now what do I do with the youngest.  Oh the challenges.  This keeps getting better.  Too funny not to share. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 2 of ? I thought it would get easier....

You know how we sometimes are like oh yeah I can do this.  We go hiking, fishing have camp fires.... Well it's not looking like that today.  Now 4 of the 6 are sick and I even got sprayed with projectile vomit.  This is definitely an adventure without mommy here.  Well trying not to be a hermit I don't have a choice right now.  Here's to today's adventure.
  So as the day progressed it started looking promising as the oldest two were getting better and more active then... of course the 4 year old gets a high fever.  Can a guy catch a break here... well that's not as important as the friendly visit by Nikki and the girls today unfortunately Gus was sick.  Good incentive to get better though.
With sick kids the healthy ones get the crazies when they don't get the chance to go outside for only short periods.  Poor Judah is losing his little mind running back and forth.
Today was more challenging then yesterday but the kiddos are still alive!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 1 of ? Roading as a lone parent.

So this morning started Jennifer's journey to help her mother.  With sadness in her eyes of leaving her little ones behind knowing that the youngest will be weaned by the time she returns.  This is going to be a time of craziness in anticipation of her return.  Stay tuned as this full-time roadie dad tries his best to keep 6 kids alive while she is gone.  No pressure and all in fun.  Praying for Jennifer's mom through her healing.

Dealing with several sick kids and the youngest weaning made for several challenges today but nothing that was over the top.  We ended the evening watching Bolt.  I has a song that sings how your home is the most important because it's the only one you got.  Well this made me realize two things.  First I am grateful to God for allowing us to take this journey as a family and second that this is my home and I am proud to call it that even if my wife sometimes refers to it as the naked camper.  Well that's all for today.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dutch Oven (over a fire) Peach Cobbler

. The original recipe I found said to take 3-6 cans of canned peaches. I used 2/3 of an ENORMOUS can.
you top with 1box of vanilla cake mix (dry)
and praline topping (1cup flour, 2cups brown sugar, 1cup chopped walnuts & 2 cups oats)
cut up 1stick of BUTTER (not margarine) and place pats of butter all over the top of cobbler.
to cook place 8-10 charcoal briquettes under Dutch oven & 20 coals on top. Cook 40 minutes.

I would add pictures .
but I still cannot upload them from my windows phone .

we had extra peaches so we did change this up and tried it in our toaster oven the following night. I put the peaches in the bottom and spooned in the little container of canned cranberries from the box.
 I didn't have another vanilla cake mix. So we used a box of cranberry orange sweet bread mix and halved the praline recipe on top. This 2nd recipe was even more amazing. 45 minutes in the preheated toaster oven at 350 did it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Delightful Dinner & Dessert

Yesterday we got together with folks we have been camping with for quite literally the past 6 weeks. We have been blessed to travel back & forth between the same Florida campgrounds doing the Florida shuffle. There has quite literally been a friend for every kid.

last night the families made a fantastic dinner... Spaghetti, fluffy green stuff, yummy homemade bread, Dutch oven chicken & a Dutch oven peach cobbler ....

part of this journey is the amazing people you meet .... And these families are great. I met one of the kids at the clubhouse about 6 weeks ago. He was decked out in camo clothes. I asked him if they were fulltime & he said YES! Little did I know that his mom & dad were famous ;) and have been fulltime RVers for almost 4 years. His dad looks like he just stepped off the set of Duck Dynasty and his mom just released a book(the very same digital copy is the giveaway on the blog!)

 The Weaver family arrived a few days later... A family bluegrass band with 8 children ages 25-12. Super talented musicians that within days had Justyn pickin his guitar way better than before.

This is why you come to Florida for the winter. Among all the older retirees there is a group of nomadic families. Gypsy travelers if you will. They come together in and out of many of the same campgrounds and very real friendships emerge. It's a place where life feels kind of normal. Where homeschool groups are in your neighborhood. The kids aren't even weird because everyone is homeschooled. And times with families that were once strangers we now consider friends.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chicks Without Bricks Giveaway!

I have an uber cool opportunity to give away a free digital copy of Chicks Without Bricks
written by 12 amazing full time traveling women.
Whether you just want an adventure story to read or you are dreaming of one day embarking on your very own journey this is an amazing book. I am blessed to personally know one of the authors. What's even neater was how God crossed our paths. Margie& her family have been on the road full time for almost 4 years and has a fantastic family. Her kids immediately hit it off with ours playing guitar and just being kids. Her journey along with 11 others is in this little gem!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The New Year Revolution!


OK the NEW VIDEO is finally up. To check out what Sean, Jett &Ralph have been up to click on the link above. thanks!