Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 4 of ? Kung Fu dinner and theatre.

Today started out great all the fevers went out and we actually went out to the store.

This afternoon we even got to wash the bedding for the kiddos to get rid of the stale sick smell in the camper.

During this time Bandito escaped twice once when we were here.  The second tome I came back to the camper door open and him wandering around the campsite.
Dinner was a treat of Chinese food and Kung Fu Panda.  Yet this is where everything went wrong.  While preparing dinner two of the boys were 40 minutes late.  To top it off Aaron fell on his head off the ladder and in all the commotion of getting ice Justyn broke the handle to the freezer.  Which is replaceable.
What do we take away from these events... God is still in control.

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