Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 3 of ?

Listening to "God gave me you,"  makes me think of my bride over 3000 miles away.  Knowing the little kiddos don't understand why mommy is not here.  Glad the Lord is the author of this story.
Today is starting out great fevers are now starting to subside yay! Now to conquer this day and make it adventures.
It's now afternoon and the two of them are sleeping off the cold which has been the same for each.  This is promising that tomorrow might lead to be a more productive day.  Today has been a great blessing though in that the oldest has started showing initiative which can't be trained (this I know from the Marines).  He is becoming a great young man.
We had another visit tonight this time by some talented musicians.  I really love these kids there great encouragers.  Wholesome influence is always appreciated what a blessing.
On another note it's now 10:20 at night and the 12 year old fell asleep in my bed.  Now what do I do with the youngest.  Oh the challenges.  This keeps getting better.  Too funny not to share. 

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