Friday, March 20, 2015

Life in snapshots

I see life in pictures. Raw unposed and fun. The pictures are too many for any media, mostly a collection for me. I cant even delete the bad ones, as they are part of the memory. Sometimes they are simply a journal of where we have been, memories we have made.
I sometimes wish I could post all of them. Every. Single. Blurry. Fuzzy. Out of focus because we were laughing photo.

Sometimes though pictures are not taken. At least not on anything tangible.
those moments that are imprinted on our hearts.
A trust gained, a smile, a moment to cherish. 
Lost would be the significance if each time we opened the lens.
Some things are simply meant to be held within our hearts.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Days go by

Life is an adventure. I tend to tell our stories in photos on facebook.
You can find us at

Last week we had a cookout with friends.  In the hustle of daily life it is always important to teach your kids how to safely, and ONLY with daddy's help, build a fire. Sometimes campfire conversations are a great remedy to relax. I see the workd through snapshots in my head. I am always delighted to find other talented kidred spirits that also see life through a lens.

Life is good. We have continued to shuffle from campground to campground. But we have also taken some day trips. Frank's dad is also down visiting. We keep busy watching the neighborhood wildlife... and swimming and playing with friends. We are blessed tohave quite a number of friends here in Florida
Today 3 families hung out at the pool. 4 of my kids, 5 from another family and 8 from yet another ftf and that did not even include the people we didn't know.