Sunday, September 6, 2015

Westward Ho. Again.

It's hard to believe that 2 whole months have gone by since I last posted. Crazy! Back then we were in Illinois. And since we have traveled through Michigan, Indiana,  kentucky,  ohio, arkansas (again) and landed for 6 weeks in Texas. In the summer. Crazy right?

Frank has really been blessed with work through the rv roofing company he has been working for. Thankfully it pays the bills and gives us far more freedom to explore and bless more people along the way.

We had anticipated the fall in Texas. But the rv roofing jobs are taking us westward yet again.

I'm mixed. Another 1400 miles westward and then floating around california this fall was not what we were expecting.  And truthfully we don't plan a route. We know God will direct that path. So we just pray about each decision and stay obedient.

I am nervous. We know a lot of people in CA and while I want to drop in and see old friends I also know after many years as a USMC wife that rarely do you ever find life the same as you left it.

But many of you know there is a lure and a few pieces of my heart in California,  and in that aspect,  there is no better place to spend the fall.

Please pray for us this week as we travel.

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

2 years on the road

This week we celebrated 2 years on the road. It's quite the journey,  this nomadic life, and it's not for everyone but we love it.

I wish I could tell you it's always like the picture portrays, but this week really was as good as it looked on facebook! 

We found a great little state park this week in New Salem Illinois. Walking where a young Abe Lincoln walked. Stopping by capital buildings and seeing the Lincoln 's massive gravesite & the home the he lived before he became President.  Walking through history. Learning and pondering what it was like here in the 1830's.

At New Salem State park they have recreated the village Lincoln lived in. A modest settlement with some great hands on learning.

It's been quite the fascinating week!
And everything we got to do ( other than the campsite) was FREE!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gators aren't just for Florida's travels

What a crazy day!

We wrapped up a week in arkansas with my driving into a parked piece of wood that not only bent the wheel frame it seriously messed up my mom's camper steps. In addition we had to put on the spare only to have the spare have issues a few hundred miles into our travels. I heard a wicked *whoosh* about an hour or so  into driving. I pulled over and checked the tires. Everything seemed ok. I got back in the truck and caught back up with Frank. We stopped for gas. I gave him a brief rundown. Everything still seemed ok. Fast forward an hour and bladders full with a rest stop ahead with only about 80 miles left for the night...we checked tires again and discovered that the spare had lost an alligator. 

For those of you that don't full time travel a road alligator is when the the outer tread of the tire comes off. Generally that is followed by a *boom* which would indicate a blow out.

Well. At this point we re-routed found a closer campsite for the night and gingerly rolled another 23 (or so) minutes up the road. Incredible as it may be that tire held air the entire way there.

Tomorrow Frank will go get the tire fixed and hopefully we can can continue our journey northward.... I suppose it will all depend on how long it takes to fix it.

We are blessed beyond measure that there wasn't a blow out or a tow involved and that it seems to be repairable

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Road days

Things can get challenging on travel days. As it is we have our very own caravan that consists of our camper and my moms. Frank drives one vehicle and I drive the other. Throw in gas stops and a half dozen kids and then fill propane tanks and you have a recipe for an hour and 20 minute gas stop. Only 10 minutes after we left the campground.

The 2nd gas/ rest / lunch break stop was just about as long. We drained the battery sitting there with lights on in the rain. Thank goodness we bought fuel for the generator at that 1st stop though or we would not have had a simple way to charge the battery. 

Thankful that we have made it to our destination though! Things on the road have challenges but I am so grateful when I can see how one thing that seemed to go wrong, in the end had a purpose

Monday, June 1, 2015

Kids on the road

I was supposed to be part of a group of bloggers today posting about kids on the road.... tips and tricks to successfully travelling with teens to toddlers and thanks to my horrific wifi situation I never got the links on how to participate. 

So. Yeah.

So I will leave you with this adorable cutie pie that has so much curiosity he melts my heart daily.

Also, pray for us. Jamberry is changing for us again. Maybe God is taking it away ... we really are not sure. Frank has been finding work with a fantastic company called and it sure helps.  When he can score jobs through them he can work 2 days to help supplement our income.

Work camping at this resort campground has its challenges.  My mom helps in the welcome center a few days a week... Monday-Wednesday, Frank works at camp Thursday - Saturday,  and the boys and I run the camp kitchen Friday- Sunday  unless it's a holiday weekend ...then it's Monday too. Add to that jamberry and the roof armor and we barely have enough time for our own family much less ministry to anyone else.

And that is most certainly not the heart of why we are on the road. Not. At. All.

Pray that God provides a solution. And that we are listening to His voice in this. Not one driven out of fear or the unknown.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kids fishing day are probably wondering what do you DO in your spare time since...well... I may have mentioned that the area we are workcamping is slightly...ahem.... less than a booming metropolitan area.

This cute little state park has loads of hiking and fishing to include a fish hatchery and several different playgrounds. It truly is a fisherman's paradise! Too bad we don't consider ourselves avid fishermen. ..huh?

So this past Saturday was a free kids fishing day here at the state park so.... after we finished up at the cafe we headed across the street poles in tow and hung out to see if we could score some rainbow trout. Unfortunately,  ad novice trout fishermen not one kid caught a single fish but it sure was pretty.

I am certain our ocean lures and bass fishing lures were not in our favor either. But it's so pretty by the river it was just good to kick back and relax for a few hours after work and enjoy our time with the kidlets. 3 out of 4 of the younger kids won brand new fishing poles from the folks who sponsored the kids fishing day.

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Monday, May 11, 2015


We are in the middle of nowhere. ..but it's a resort area and everyone seems to want to be here. It is absolutely beautiful here. The trout fishing is amazing and the scenery is just breathtaking. We are in the Ozarks. .. and at the end of our 3rd week here my heels are itching to move. But we are workcamping. So that's a hiccup to moving around since we are running the cafe here at this little resort campground.