Friday, March 20, 2015

Life in snapshots

I see life in pictures. Raw unposed and fun. The pictures are too many for any media, mostly a collection for me. I cant even delete the bad ones, as they are part of the memory. Sometimes they are simply a journal of where we have been, memories we have made.
I sometimes wish I could post all of them. Every. Single. Blurry. Fuzzy. Out of focus because we were laughing photo.

Sometimes though pictures are not taken. At least not on anything tangible.
those moments that are imprinted on our hearts.
A trust gained, a smile, a moment to cherish. 
Lost would be the significance if each time we opened the lens.
Some things are simply meant to be held within our hearts.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Days go by

Life is an adventure. I tend to tell our stories in photos on facebook.
You can find us at

Last week we had a cookout with friends.  In the hustle of daily life it is always important to teach your kids how to safely, and ONLY with daddy's help, build a fire. Sometimes campfire conversations are a great remedy to relax. I see the workd through snapshots in my head. I am always delighted to find other talented kidred spirits that also see life through a lens.

Life is good. We have continued to shuffle from campground to campground. But we have also taken some day trips. Frank's dad is also down visiting. We keep busy watching the neighborhood wildlife... and swimming and playing with friends. We are blessed tohave quite a number of friends here in Florida
Today 3 families hung out at the pool. 4 of my kids, 5 from another family and 8 from yet another ftf and that did not even include the people we didn't know.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Florida shuffle

Too bad its not a cool new dance. Its a complicated ballet of reservations when wintering in Florida with an endless abundance of snowbirds, vacationers and other full time travelers.  In January we realized early on that my mom and our family couldn't get reservations on the exact same moving days. So we opted to leave her at our favorite of the 3 Florida campgrounds we frequent. We knew we would be back into the park approximately every 2 weeks and it seemed like the most viable option. It has not gone without a few minor complications,  however, for the most part it has worked out. She has met quite a few of the full time residents and had plenty of camp sponsored entertainment, church and  even a ladies crafting group where she is learning new crafts and rekindling old crafts. As we plan into the spring months we are taking into consideration where she would like to travel also.It proves to be both good and somewhat challenging all at the same time...but worth it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A video

During our time ot the Full time Familes rally in florida we caught up with Mark from RV Adventures.check it out!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Changing Direction

That's legit. I wrote an entire post about changing direction earlier today and I went to post it and the entire thing except the title disappeared.  Clearly God wants us to change direction in our posts but rather than tell you about it ( like I had thoughtfully thought through) perhaps we are just supposed to do it so goes.

As I was driving back from the laundromat today I realized living in and out of campgrounds is a lot like living on base.

Well, not really. But there is a guardshack at the front with a gateguard. Sometimes.
And community pools.
And a community center...we call it the lodge. Or clubhouse
Everyone is supposed to obey the speed limit but most don't.
Occasionally there is a community event
You may have a grumpy neighbor or 2

But overall its a good community where people connect and care about each other.

And today that is enough.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


We are taking a few days to make the interior of our tiny house a bit more homey... so we repurposed a king size mattress and snagged the foam out of it for a new to us couch... made with fabric I bought and tucked away about 2 years ago. We added some clearance paint to the mix and some Ikea curtain rods and a bit of spray paint ..and voila! Ok so only like half a wall is done and the couch cusion... but it's definately a work in progress. The color pallete is beachy...or maybe a little more southwest .... but its BOLD. With rich teal, deep blues, and oranges and coppers and some deeper red hues. Its certainly fun to redecorate! Time consuming but fun. Looking forward to a full transformation.... but being realistic...we are taking it one wall at a time.

Cut stacked and glued 3 sections of 3 inch foam together and stitched up a heavy duty (toddler friendly) slipcover
The 13 year old dr who fan 
is building his own bedroom ....that he has to share with a 5 yr old brother
Vaccuum andcleanup bef
before We bring in the cushion
The serger kept jammingso here Is Frank to the rescue
Add some bright orange to the mix with a 15 yr old painter...
The 1st wall is complete. 
Who knew it was so complicated to paint a camper

Thursday, January 15, 2015


It's been 2 weeks. I told myself I wouldn't let posts go so long this year.  I have gotten behind reading my Bible. Life happens. It's cerainly a good thing God doesn't judge me based on my performance. 

Sometimes as life on the road happens and ministry or sick kids or swimming in the pool define what I do or do not do...I am glad that the God I love doesn't define my faith by what I do...or forget to do.

But doors have opened. Always different than we expect or anticipate. Around campfires, shared meals and swimming.

But if you're like me you may have set new years goals. What does that look like in your world today?

And often we dont see how we impact anything....

Today January is half over  ...our oldest daughter ( who doesn't travel with us) turns 20 in just 2 days.

I can't believe we have been on the road for over a year and a half...

That our youngest is rapidly approaching another birthday.

Time has almost sped up being on the road.

Making time with friends that much sweeter

Being blessed meeting SO many new people.

I am waiting with wrapt anticipation what God has in store for us in 2015

But we will chose to live in each moment.....take lots of pictures and make tons more memories...

Bring it.

But don't blink.