Monday, November 10, 2014

Even when we cannot see

Today has just been plain hard.
Woke up to kids arguing and wayyy too early.

Because that seemed like a good idea knowing I would likely be up another 20-22 hours today.
A repair guy came too look at some issues on mom's camper that he isn't even sure he can fix.
Stopped and grabbed milk.

Started to finally shake a killer headache.

Then Judah was missing.

I had left him with my mom
She told him they were going to the library.
So. He walked there. Alone.

He knew the way...its just about a block from our campground.

But as you may it's complicated. 

Thankfully frank was on the phone with 911 when the call came in from the library.

And he was met in the parking lot by police.

The kids are all here but we officially have some very hard decisions to make....
Like the fact that I need to quit at Amazon and take care of the kids.
And how that affects my mom and future travel since we do not have a tow vehicle for her new camper...
And the fact that she won't be saving money because she will need to pay the monthly site fee once I quit.

I am asking youto pray for us once again.

That God shows us clearly our next step.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Praying through the fog

I have written a dozen blog posts at work in my head in the middle os the night

*Ways amazon is NOT like a football team
*why do we shop here?
* consumerism in America.
* 99 packages on the shelves
* truth or dare
....Any number of soapbox posts
* how to authenticallyreach people with love and not make anyone feel like a project
*church hunting with nail wraps on
* interview and possibilities
*the road calls

And somewhere in the choas of life I have not written any down or posted those. Not a single one.

I did manage to get jamberry catalogs ready to mail today, spend time with the kidlets, and put ona new jamicure,
Stop at the grocery store, visit with my mom and work onmy jamberrynails business.

on a serious note there IS a huge prayer request on the line.

We NEED a tow vehicle to pull mom's camper. And recently we were approached about a van that may (or may not) fit the bill.
But it isn't running and we need to decide.

the thing with amazon is we had hoped the money we made here would carry us throughout the year full timing.
And we wereso graciously donated a camper for my mom...
But we only have 1 tow vehicle and 2 trailers
And the truth is wecertainly didn't consider that we would have to finance a vehicle
and of course there is still the issueof needing a 2nd thousand trails membership...

I guess what I am saying is we need you to partner with us in prayer

We know God can clearly meet and exceed our needs
but we are praying God shows us HOW.


Monday, October 27, 2014


The birthday bashes are in full swing... at the top of the month our 3rd born son officially entered his teen years,  our littlest princess turned 8, my mom had a birthday on the road ( and we were able to take her to a full fledged pow wow.....her iriquois roots were delighted) and today my sweet Aaron-man turned 5. I remeber wondering is I would ever even meet him as I passed out after my c-section that day

I don't think... after looking through the blog posts that I even talked about that day.

For the 1st 8 hours of his little life I never even met him.

I hemmoraged in the c-section table after the c-section.

But oh. the darling sweetness that he is ....I rarely let go of him once he was born...

And he IS growing up way too fast.

5. I can hardly believe it.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Too tired for a spiffy title

Whew. What a week.

Last Sunday our dynamic changed as the other rv'er I carpooled in with on nights suddenly quit at Amazon.  We prayed. A lot.

we went in on Monday ... and asked if we could both switch to the same shift...that meant leaning even more on mom handle evenings.
Frank worked days on monday & by Tuesday he was nights. What a switch!

So now we both work nights. We are here most of the day..sleep...who needs it?
(Apparently I do since I am totally sick!... and I never get sick)

We still dont know if that works yet honestly. It has been a rough week.
Add to that we BOTH had 10 hours mandatory overtime last week...
And yeah... I am whooped.
I question if it's really worth it every single day.
Our jamberry business is definitely suffering due to this mad crazy schedule....
And truth is we cannt afford NOT to build it.
So keep booking parties please and thanks!

Frank is awesome though....
He doesn't even show signs of wear & tear.

64 more days
But who's counting?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

72 days and a wake up

but who is counting?

This has been a crazy 1st week and a half. Trying to work full time..high 5 Frank in the morning as I come home and he leaves for is shift at work ..homeschool the kiddos... meal plan ... make sure kids are bathed, fed, and well cared for... visit with mom... leave for work..High 5 Frank as he is headed home to eat the dinner I planned and get kids to bed and sleep while I work all night  AND have 2 birthdays.. try to get mom's hot water heater issues handled and do a jamberry business AND breathe.....
    oh yeah,  and sleep a few hours a day too.

I have written a dozen blog posts.

In my head
while I am up on the floor stowing at amazon....

too bad it's not written down...

and all those gems I have written in my head seem to vanish

Thursday, September 25, 2014

1st day

Both Frank and I started training this week for the next 3 months during the Amazon Holiday rush season. We were recruited through a program called camperforce. We are settling in to our campground and meeting the local folks as well as the other camperforce employees. It has been nice to find such a diverse and welcoming crowd. Although we have been told the work is long it will be pleasant to work with such a great crew of people.

It has certainly created some changes on the homefront. Our fairly loose schedule is being mapped out daily in a notebook for my mom and the kids while we do training. Meals are being carefully planned and orchestrated. and school work has taken on different forms ..again with my mom considerably more involved. See. I am working for her space. And we get our final schedules on Friday so... anything can happen. It's kind of a crazy idea, actually. but the entire endeavor lasts for less than 100 days. And after being a USMC wife for 20 years that seemed do-able.

There have been a few hiccups this week but for the most part things have run fairly well.

It's kinda crazy to be working after all this time. But I am all in. It can help us fund the rest of the entire year ( we think) but on an even crazier note we have decided to continue to build our jamberry business too during this time. Why? because its worth it.

SO ..I am working on sleep deprivation. I have woken up early so far each day because I am so afraid that I won't wake up in the morning ...since that's when I rest best.. in the morning sun just like a cat.  Next week I should be starting the night shift... so the world we seem to be a much better place.

With the 1st day jitters behind us we are starting our 3rd day of training today. and I gotta grab some coffee and get moving.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


That's what marines used to call a 14+ hour pretty much gas n go non-stop drive during a "72" aka 3 day weekend.

Frank left in the wee hours of the morning headed to Florida to go get my moms camper with the 3 oldest boys.
I am happy to report he made it there safe n sound.

And should be back to move us to the new campsite on Sunday. 

Please keep them in prayer as they begin the journey back tomorrow.