Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Healthy changes

About 3 weeks or so ago I tried a nutrition program that I had a pretty wicked allergic reaction to.

 But rather than give up ...because, truthfully, I have needed to lose weight for a VERY long time I chose to dig in my heels and we are making some pretty serious lifestyle changes.

 Things I never thought I would eat I am making and we have pretty much given up carbs (not everyone but so far the adults and the kids have definitely cut way back). So this week we gave a go at no carb meals and snacks and even took on paleo granola (which, by the way is amazing!!!!) You can find the recipe at Primal Palette

Also I made a enchilada bake with no grains. Zucchini and peppers and hamburger meat with a mild Verde sauce topped with 1 cup of cheese. Hoping these changes help me lose weight this year! It's already working for Frank, he is melting away. 

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