Sunday, March 13, 2016

3 days in the desert

Well hey you thought we were long gone by now. Two months from our last post. To follow us closer you could pop over to Facebook and like our page since that is more frequently updated.

But we are spending a few days out in the desert before we head to Phoenix where Frank will be doing some work.. and of course off road in a bit. Well, the perils of that is a slit tire.  So the boys got another go at changing tires.... before we went on our afternoon hike.

The down side is that by the time we had arrived back at the camper we realized the passenger rear tire was also losing air. Apparently the roads here are pretty sharp (who knew?). We are about 4 miles from town out on BLM land *free camping no hookups * and it was after 5 pm in a teenie tiny town.... so of course nothing is open until Monday. When our roadside assistance will get the van towed. So today is a day to rest and relax and enjoy our family. The van is on a jack so we don't cause any wheel damage.

The challenges of full time travel I suppose can also be blessings in disguise.

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