Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Suds & stuff

Well. Its laundry day. Thankful today for a nice comfy laundromat with wifi.
The clothes will be clean & fresh & ready to fold soon.... but in the meantime I thought perhaps I could manage a quick hello. We are down to less than a week in sunny Florida. Winter here has been good...and challenging... but we have met quite a few full time families & made some great connections with some. People we will treasure in our hearts and look forward to reconnecting with them somewhere down the road.


So the big question is WHERE in the world are we headed next? 
The answer is NOT North Carolina or Georgia although that may disappoint us I have become used to God changing MY plans. 
We are headed to the world's best roadschool convention in Tucson AZ. 

I am not sure WHY but God has a plan. So we are throwing all our eggs in one basket and rolling west.
on April 1st.
no. It's not an April fool's joke. 

The good news is we have absolutely no plans to come off the road anytime soon. 
We love our nomadic life. 
Which we have dubbed *the adventure of a lifetime*

So we pray we can come back & visit. 

But for now in less than 36 hours we will load up and yell.... "wagons ho!" 

See ya down the road

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Passion

I have been trying for over a week to figure out WHAT to write. We desperately needed some family downtime & readjustment and I am happy to report that things are almost back to normal. ..whatever that is in our world. We spent a week just outside of Orlando & have moved campsites once already to Wildwood Florida. 
We are taking the next week or so to fill up spiritually at Grace Tabernacle   & enjoy some fellowship there with people we met back in November as we arrived in Florida... little did we know then we would spend 4 + months in Florida. This church has  kind of stolen a piece of our hearts...and while we love our nomadic missionary journey, we also know a special place when we find it.
They put on two massive productions a year The Gift at Christmas and The Passion at Easter.They have everything from theatrics, live musicians and dance and even aerial ballet. It is truly amazing. Tickets are reserved but FREE all you need to do is go to the church website to reserve them.  The Passion dates are April 17-20 at 7pm & April 19 matinee at 3:30 pm. Wildwood Fl is about a 45 minute drive from Orlando and well worth it. Honestly I had hoped to be here for the Passion but it looks as if our time in Florida is nearing its end.
But that's a different post entirely.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I left California a mixed mess of emotions.  Not thrilled leaving mom behind but desperately missing my little family.  Thanks to some amazing friends I arrived "home" to our 300 sq ft rolling house. If things are silent a few days please forgive us we readjust and rediscover our family roles.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


On March 11 I will fly back to Florida to be with Frank & the kidlets.
And while this IS the right thing to do..
My heart is torn leaving my mom here alone.

My eyes have definately been opened to the humdrum and mundane and lonely life in a trailer park.

People are lonely and hurting because of it.

SO. Once Frank & I are reunited we will be working n preparing the RV for travel.


Like across the US at a snails pace travel.

Meanwhile I have been working on the 1st phase of many preparing to ask churches for support.

The missionary suport letter is written,
The tri-fold brochure is being revised
And the new business cards should arrive on Monday
125 Envelopes have been addressed to chuches in California, Florida, NY, Virginia, Indiana, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, & Texas. Each time I work on them I pray for the church to see our vision and join our journey... but that's another post for another day.

I have had time to work on this list and have had time to prayerfully consider each church I have written to....many of which are along our southern route from Florida to California. 

Some of you may be wondering if we will see you ( as we hoped) this spring... the truth is... I don't know.
It seems there is another curve in the road that is definately different the I had planned...
There I go thinking I get to plan this journey again.

We  will be travelling back toward California but certainly nit atrecord speed and also hoping to stopand visit some of the churches we will be asking to partner with us.

God is good. Despite the change in MY plan.

Sometimes I need a good swift kick in the pants as a reminder that I am not in control.

So. How am I getting back?

Last week I finally swallowed our pride & asked for help through Facebook.  Thanks to your generous donations I was gifted a plane ticket and (if we budget well) enough money for the new camper tires we  desperately needed before we can travel.

once again the support from friends and even strangers has blown us away.
We are trusting the churches we are writing to will catch our vision and join us on the adventure of a lifetime.