Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Suds & stuff

Well. Its laundry day. Thankful today for a nice comfy laundromat with wifi.
The clothes will be clean & fresh & ready to fold soon.... but in the meantime I thought perhaps I could manage a quick hello. We are down to less than a week in sunny Florida. Winter here has been good...and challenging... but we have met quite a few full time families & made some great connections with some. People we will treasure in our hearts and look forward to reconnecting with them somewhere down the road.


So the big question is WHERE in the world are we headed next? 
The answer is NOT North Carolina or Georgia although that may disappoint us I have become used to God changing MY plans. 
We are headed to the world's best roadschool convention in Tucson AZ. 

I am not sure WHY but God has a plan. So we are throwing all our eggs in one basket and rolling west.
on April 1st.
no. It's not an April fool's joke. 

The good news is we have absolutely no plans to come off the road anytime soon. 
We love our nomadic life. 
Which we have dubbed *the adventure of a lifetime*

So we pray we can come back & visit. 

But for now in less than 36 hours we will load up and yell.... "wagons ho!" 

See ya down the road

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