Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chief cook

As a mom there are days I long for someone else to take over cooking. It almost seems like all we ever do is eat. Tonight I am cooking up pinto beans to can for another meal..another day. Whenever we are *plugged* in with full hookups I find its best to cook extra.
Last week it was lots of meat cooked ahead which ended up being God looking over us as there were no open fires in the sequoia national park because of the high probability of fire. The problem with eating is preparation...  meal planning & dishes. Yuck. Dishes in washtubs that has to be hauled to conserve on board fresh water isn't a lot of fun. Thank goodness for paper plates & boys!So tonight it's pinto beans.

Tomorrow we head into Yosemite & if it's anything like Sequoia it may be minimal everything.

And I forgot to buy paper plates.

I will be grateful for the fact that we have a generator to cook inside & run the air conditioning long enough to at least cool down the RV before bed, that we have food in the cupboards & fridge.

We are learning different ways to store & prepare things. New ways to menu plan since buying in bulk isn't really an option anymore.

Oh. And I packed no cookbooks because I figured I could just access pinterest from wherever...

One thing I didn't factor was no internet access in national parks.


Guess that's just part of the ever expanding learning curve

Saturday, July 20, 2013

a journey to the trees

the last week has been good bad and ugly...

in some ways it has been an ever present learning  curve.

we went to Sequoia National Park.

the views took our breath away.
the learning curve of coming into the south entrance and not being able to stay anywhere except the foothills was frustrating. We couldn't build fires because the fire danger was too high, which meant it was a tad warmer than we anticipated. We were able to drive up the mountain twice and experience the majesty of the sequoias. and we also found a few watering/swimming holes near our campsite to keep cool.

It was dry camping at it's finest. We didnt anticipate bringing in enough water or milk. we were low on cereal this morning but we made it. thankfully our trailer carries its own reserve gas for the generator and clean water. it was an excellent week with a few good learning experiences.

trying to get a few (raw) aka unedited  photos from our adventures up on facebook tonight.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

RV Parkin it

We have been in Bakersfield CA the past few days complete with full hook ups, laundry facility, a pool and wifi.

it's been HOT

And there have been a lot of ants!

Thankful though i am somewhat accustomed to the desert.

We were able to share the Gospel with a few people in the RV park today. We also set up an outdoor movie tonight... But noone came.

I was reminded of my days back at Centerview Baptist Church in NC. I had been asked to lead a Bible study for the worship team. We studied a little book written by Matt Redman. The 7th week was entitled "An audience of ONE"

That week I sat in the sanctuary waiting for the worship team to show up for Sunday school...but no one came.

I proceeded to teach the lesson to a completely empty room.

At first I was angry. Frustrated.

And when the gentleman came to take attendance... And he discovered me talking to myself...clearly he thought I might be slightly crazy as he scratched his head and left telling me in 86 years he had never seen anything like it.

But as I taught to noone I began to realize the audience was me. I needed to hear that lesson out loud & it changed me.

That no matter what it is I do....
I do it for an audience of ONE.

Tonight I was reminded that we don't do this for any man or woman. Our heart desires to reach people and connect them with local ( to them) churches... And that people accept Christ as their Lord & Saviour... But that we do it all for Jesus.

Pray for the more permanent residents of this little RV park as we journey forward.

To the trees...

Thursday, July 11, 2013


It was a long day on the road. We left late stuck in rush hour traffic all day....stopped at quite possibly the coolest target I have ever seen ( it was built above a parking garage). Took a planned scenic drive to a camp site in the Angeles national forest only to discover after an hour of driving our rig wouldn't even fit.

So we drove an hour back out to the highway to an area that has no campgrounds. We skipped dinner ( not a smart choice with little people on board and teenagers that are ruled by their stomach)... Rolled in to a Walmart parking lot after dark and made a fantastic dinner of peanut butter & jelly.

We are weary..tired..and just plain ruffled.

And as i sit here nestled in a Walmart parking lot boondocking with my family I am struggling with the why and the what is God trying to teach us.

And I truly am trying to listen... But sometimes it's just so very hard to hear...tomorrow we will continue to journey north toward the sequoias.

Perhaps tonight I will spend some time in the psalms...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Glimpses of ministry

I don't think we have it all figured out. This missionary ministry thing. In fact, on many levels we are so green its obvious.

But today it all came together...
In ways that God proved He is in charge.

We went to wash our clothes at a local laundromat.
The washing machine went crazy into a constant spin cycle ... It wouldn't stop. It wouldn't unlock.

So we shared the Gospel using Gospel bracelets & since we know a fantastic church in oceanside ca the inviting someone to church part was easy!

Thankfully our clothes were freed, dried,& folded. And we wrapped up the day at NewSong Community Church

With songs God chose specifically for us to hear

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our very first whole day

We did it.

We launched.

& here we are nestled in Oceanside CA for a few days before we head north...

My camera is being repaired in a shop here.

But being here tempts me.

I happen to love southern California
and to be honest a big part of me is really struggling with leaving.

And I want to visit NewSong community church.

The extra time here is sweet and at the same time conflicting.

And I do know new adventures await us, but we are savoring the sweetness of staying here...

At least until the camera is repaired.