Sunday, July 14, 2013

RV Parkin it

We have been in Bakersfield CA the past few days complete with full hook ups, laundry facility, a pool and wifi.

it's been HOT

And there have been a lot of ants!

Thankful though i am somewhat accustomed to the desert.

We were able to share the Gospel with a few people in the RV park today. We also set up an outdoor movie tonight... But noone came.

I was reminded of my days back at Centerview Baptist Church in NC. I had been asked to lead a Bible study for the worship team. We studied a little book written by Matt Redman. The 7th week was entitled "An audience of ONE"

That week I sat in the sanctuary waiting for the worship team to show up for Sunday school...but no one came.

I proceeded to teach the lesson to a completely empty room.

At first I was angry. Frustrated.

And when the gentleman came to take attendance... And he discovered me talking to myself...clearly he thought I might be slightly crazy as he scratched his head and left telling me in 86 years he had never seen anything like it.

But as I taught to noone I began to realize the audience was me. I needed to hear that lesson out loud & it changed me.

That no matter what it is I do....
I do it for an audience of ONE.

Tonight I was reminded that we don't do this for any man or woman. Our heart desires to reach people and connect them with local ( to them) churches... And that people accept Christ as their Lord & Saviour... But that we do it all for Jesus.

Pray for the more permanent residents of this little RV park as we journey forward.

To the trees...

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