Saturday, July 20, 2013

a journey to the trees

the last week has been good bad and ugly...

in some ways it has been an ever present learning  curve.

we went to Sequoia National Park.

the views took our breath away.
the learning curve of coming into the south entrance and not being able to stay anywhere except the foothills was frustrating. We couldn't build fires because the fire danger was too high, which meant it was a tad warmer than we anticipated. We were able to drive up the mountain twice and experience the majesty of the sequoias. and we also found a few watering/swimming holes near our campsite to keep cool.

It was dry camping at it's finest. We didnt anticipate bringing in enough water or milk. we were low on cereal this morning but we made it. thankfully our trailer carries its own reserve gas for the generator and clean water. it was an excellent week with a few good learning experiences.

trying to get a few (raw) aka unedited  photos from our adventures up on facebook tonight.

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