Thursday, July 11, 2013


It was a long day on the road. We left late stuck in rush hour traffic all day....stopped at quite possibly the coolest target I have ever seen ( it was built above a parking garage). Took a planned scenic drive to a camp site in the Angeles national forest only to discover after an hour of driving our rig wouldn't even fit.

So we drove an hour back out to the highway to an area that has no campgrounds. We skipped dinner ( not a smart choice with little people on board and teenagers that are ruled by their stomach)... Rolled in to a Walmart parking lot after dark and made a fantastic dinner of peanut butter & jelly.

We are weary..tired..and just plain ruffled.

And as i sit here nestled in a Walmart parking lot boondocking with my family I am struggling with the why and the what is God trying to teach us.

And I truly am trying to listen... But sometimes it's just so very hard to hear...tomorrow we will continue to journey north toward the sequoias.

Perhaps tonight I will spend some time in the psalms...

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  1. We may not immediately see the why or what for, you just have to trust in God and know that eventually it will all be revealed.

    And tomorrow is a new day. The Sequoias, I am so jealous. Looking forward to seeing pictures though. :)