Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chief cook

As a mom there are days I long for someone else to take over cooking. It almost seems like all we ever do is eat. Tonight I am cooking up pinto beans to can for another meal..another day. Whenever we are *plugged* in with full hookups I find its best to cook extra.
Last week it was lots of meat cooked ahead which ended up being God looking over us as there were no open fires in the sequoia national park because of the high probability of fire. The problem with eating is preparation...  meal planning & dishes. Yuck. Dishes in washtubs that has to be hauled to conserve on board fresh water isn't a lot of fun. Thank goodness for paper plates & boys!So tonight it's pinto beans.

Tomorrow we head into Yosemite & if it's anything like Sequoia it may be minimal everything.

And I forgot to buy paper plates.

I will be grateful for the fact that we have a generator to cook inside & run the air conditioning long enough to at least cool down the RV before bed, that we have food in the cupboards & fridge.

We are learning different ways to store & prepare things. New ways to menu plan since buying in bulk isn't really an option anymore.

Oh. And I packed no cookbooks because I figured I could just access pinterest from wherever...

One thing I didn't factor was no internet access in national parks.


Guess that's just part of the ever expanding learning curve

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