Tuesday, May 28, 2013

counting on blessings

My husband said last month....

"Insted of another Yard Sale. Let's have a blessing sale."

I asked what that was.

He explined that instead of charging a set amout or bartering for items at our sale we simply trust God to bring in the amount we need in DONATIONS.

So on June 1

We are having a Blessing Sale at our house

come out. shop. visit.
like our page on facebook
or even leave a donation securely though our blog here

but as we open our final sale
we are simply leaving out a jar for donations.
what people leave is between them & the Lord
and if they don't leave anything then perhaps we are supposed to bless them.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


The idea of Narrow Road Schoolers seemed like such a crazy dream such a short time ago...

but it is really & truly coming into focus as a reality.

obviously we have obstacles to overcome.

things like material possesions
simplifying & selling
have actually been the easier things.

I discovered a few things about us.

we are broken in so many ways.
pulled in many different directions.
have very divided loyalties
we are stronger than we think
& bolder than I would have imagined

I now know that I miss my very nice posturpedic king pillowtop
     WAY more than I miss the tv

I have way too much to do & get together and fix and organize and pack
& definately not enough hours each day to do it.

My heart has been filled with excitement & joy in the last few weeks
but also with extreme sadness & almost grief

but we are so much closer today than 30 days ago
even if the circumstances have changed somewhat

and eager with anticipation to what God has n store for this journey of epic proportion

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So what did Shawn think of the camper?

I am having the worst time getting this to upload tonight
but if you click 

this link will take you to the VIDEO