Thursday, April 3, 2014

Travelers to Tucson Part 1

Well. We did it. We LEFT Florida and began our journey westward on April 1. 
We got a late start the 1st of the 2 driving days.
The 1st night we pulled in late at a truck stopto stop for the night and of course Judah had just had a nap.
we gassed up and nestled in among the big rigs & red clay.
God knew by day 2 that if we had driven in the sunshine 
I would have cried passing though all the incredible places that were on my list of places to visit...
like this one from Houson 
in the distance the clouds looking ominous hovering over the city
I am once again remineded that this journey isn't about me. 
We love this gypsy life though and rather than consider all the places we
 couldn't stop at this trip we were thankful for safe travels.
by the time we got to Texas however,  we knew we needed a few day break in travel
so here we are for a few days in Columbus, TX just a little west of Houston.
while there are still many miles to the big roadschool convention in Tucson we needed a couple days of no travel before we continue westward. And with over 600 miles remaining just in Texas alone we willrun, jump, play, fish, and hike for a few days before we jump back in the van and continue our westward journey.

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