Friday, April 4, 2014

Lunch Rolls & travel plans

It seems my (very talented & thrifty husband) created a new food for the days we roll down the road mostly bacause lunch on the fly presents a mound of challenges when toddler to teenage bellies get hungry ... so rather than spend WAY too much in fast food joints that make us all feel icky he began making mini bread rolls...tomorrow's varieties include ham&cheesy and pepperoni&mozzarella.... mmmmm & my camper (and the entire neighborhood) smell amazing.
Add to that the Texas pork chops I baked ahead of any potential dinner schedule and I think we will be quite prepared to continue our westward journey to arizona tomorrow.  So... we will continue west... on a bit more faith than funds... but I know God knows exactly what we need... so we are planning to trust Him. Let me say this...this campsite has been a delightful respite to our busy Florida schedule the past several months and we could stay another 12 days....but we really feel God urging us to get to Arizona for this roadschool gathering...which ultimately gets us within reach of California to visit my mom sooner than later.
So... I am off to lie down so we can get up & get moving tomorrow (notice I didn't say an early start )

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