Monday, April 28, 2014

Selfish Desire or Freedom in Grace?

This past week we have stayed about 20 miles south of Sedona AZ. It is quite possibly the perfect marriage of desert & cold flowing rivers. I have learned I am still very much in love with the great southwest.
We have been able to visit several National monuments nearby this week & Slide Rock state park.
 On Sunday we found a fantastic church to visit, & connect with in Cottonwood AZ. 

I am not ready for our time here to end. 
Despite the fact that cell phone service & internet is less than stellar
THIS place is beautiful. 

So we are faced with decisions.
push back toward SoCal 
toward the hi-desert. 
To get closer to my mom. 

Or. Keep traveling where we choose....
These days it is difficuIt to know the BEST way to go. 

I am conflicted. 
We know God can use our journey 
no matter where we are located. 
But knowing when & where isn't always easy. 

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