Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tucson, lunch & opportunity.

Our time in Tucson is at a close. I am up way too late baking a variety of homemade bread rolls from ham & cheese to bratwurst & cheese way too late preparing for our next stop. Tired tonight... I made a crucial mistake as I prepared these rolls (I have only used 2/3 of my dough). The 1st batch took forever! It seems the warm setting on the toaster oven doesn't really bake...who knew...right?
Tucson has been wonderful! Visits with friends new and old, a big full time family roadschool rally, lots of swimming too!
Obviously after a busy day sightseeing around Tucson from the Saguaro national park, the mission& then the air force base you would think I would have it all together. Not to mention pack up, a healthy dinner of banana chocolate swirl milkshakes and catching up on laundry & a way too overtired & grumpy little Judahbug.
Frank has trained all week learning how to install lifetime RV roofs. He will be working on the side to help support us on the road until we can be funded. There just is no other way to do this. He has been hired at Amazon Camperforce for the fall season. We will be living/ camping in an Amazon campground in Nevada from September until Christmas this fall. Hopefully that will help us balance the equation for our adventures.
Sometimes when you pray for provision God gives you a job...we are trying to look at this as an opportunity & praying it doesn't take away from our ministry potential or family time.

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