Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Will we follow?

Recently I was asked to share some of our "missionary stories" so that someone who might support us could get an idea of what we do. We simply cannot do that the way it could be expected.  Many people we meet do not know Christ,  have been hurt by the church, are unbelievers,  could feel like someone's "project" if we broke down the walls of our ministry & compromised what they have shared with us here on the blog.

There are days I often question if what we do is really ministry. Mostly because I love it so much. But who we have grown into these past 10 months has been an amazing journey. And while I won't discuss the trust we have built with strangers we are honored to now call friends... some of whom know Christ & many who do not. The reason this may look like more of a travel blog , so far, is because while we are sharing a gospel bracelet we often choose not to take a photo of that moment because in truth wouldn't that be what the pharisees would do?

2 churches have come alongside us to help support our ministry so far. And to those churches that do we will send letters of our journeys to keep them up to date with our ministry experiences. But that does not mean the stories of the things we do, the people we reach will be on this blog. That would make the people we reach feel like a project.  And that is totally not how we ever want it to be.

We hope you understand. If we met you and became friends with you. It is really your story to tell if we have been Christ's light in your life. Technically, it is God's story. We are simply trying to be obedient. 

And if our journey appears to be  "just a travel blog"  that is not our intention. This is our journey.  This blog our stories & what we learn.

A friend (their family also doing similar missionary work unsupported)  that we met this winter told me that she would never ask to be supported because you might have to put on a show for someone. You either know us well enough to help us or you think we are just being greedy. Sometimes it's sharing a meal with another family or popping popcorn that we can't afford on our income when we show a movie outside. Other times its simply sharing a gospel bracelet with someone. Other times its taking the moment to listen and be a friend to a stranger. Other times its handing a dollar to someone in need.

It should be as simple as loving people.

Ministry needs money to survive. And we do believe that God will supply what we need when we need it. And those churches that have partnered with us we will be accountable to and have committed to a simple lifestyle. 

Simply put.

We have never gone to Disney. Ever.

And unless we pay for it ourself would never dream of it on ministries dime.

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