Saturday, May 3, 2014

Crazy Ideas

So we set out with no support.  & it has been hard.

But recently. the middle of traveling a few more hundred miles

I joined a nifty little nail wrap company called Jamberry nails. It is SO cool. These are super simple & very trendy nail wraps and the perfect alternative to nail polish. And we got to thinking ...what if we could support our own ministry with supplemental income from a fantastic business.
So we are going to attempt it... and we are praying God blesses this endeavor. MaryRachael is very excited about modeling this very adorable & unique nail wraps. This in not limited to in home parties. You can have an online party & still get all the great perks of being a hostess!

So if you have ever wanted to support our ministry but couldn't donate here it is!

 We arrived back in CA and in the midst of mom going back in the hospital we truly hope to launch this very real business endeavor. 
We even have a facebook page! Hopefully I can create an octive link to it here.


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