Monday, May 16, 2016

Pinch me!

Some days I can't believe we are staying so close to Yosemite. Other days I feel like time has slipped through our fingers the few weeks we have been here. We have gone into the park at least one day a week since our arrival.

Fresno is pretty close and we have found a church service on Sunday nights at 5. Mostly a college crowd but it has the feels of 7/24 at Newsong so I think it will be a good fit while we are here. In addition it will feel good to plug in with real live people for a few months (as opposed to online church).

Going into the park still brings tears to my eyes every single time we drive into the valley. It's a view that is constantly taking my breath away. I don't think that I could ever get tired of the majesty of Yosemite.

There are so many places to go in Yosemite. ... we really need to create a bucket list for this entire area. Here are just a few pictures from a few trips into the park.

Justyn and I are work camping at a campground just south of the park for the summer.

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