Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Delightful Dinner & Dessert

Yesterday we got together with folks we have been camping with for quite literally the past 6 weeks. We have been blessed to travel back & forth between the same Florida campgrounds doing the Florida shuffle. There has quite literally been a friend for every kid.

last night the families made a fantastic dinner... Spaghetti, fluffy green stuff, yummy homemade bread, Dutch oven chicken & a Dutch oven peach cobbler ....

part of this journey is the amazing people you meet .... And these families are great. I met one of the kids at the clubhouse about 6 weeks ago. He was decked out in camo clothes. I asked him if they were fulltime & he said YES! Little did I know that his mom & dad were famous ;) and have been fulltime RVers for almost 4 years. His dad looks like he just stepped off the set of Duck Dynasty and his mom just released a book(the very same digital copy is the giveaway on the blog!)

 The Weaver family arrived a few days later... A family bluegrass band with 8 children ages 25-12. Super talented musicians that within days had Justyn pickin his guitar way better than before.

This is why you come to Florida for the winter. Among all the older retirees there is a group of nomadic families. Gypsy travelers if you will. They come together in and out of many of the same campgrounds and very real friendships emerge. It's a place where life feels kind of normal. Where homeschool groups are in your neighborhood. The kids aren't even weird because everyone is homeschooled. And times with families that were once strangers we now consider friends.

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