Sunday, December 1, 2013


I am sad to report that we don't always find a church to attend on Sunday.

(sometimes we do church online through the week)

But this Sunday... we did.
It was refreshing.

The church is smack dab in their Christmas production and rather than dwell on the negativity of this particular campground we have decided to plug in & help out. Justyn has been brought on the tech team.

I am thankful for our church in Oceanside that took the time to foster his love for sound and the technical things churches often use today.

Sometimes I almost wish we were normal.

and then it passes.

 God HAS chosen us for this adventure.
The Gypsy life
The Narrow Road

but sometimes it just feels good to stop and fit in with a group of believers.
It builds us up... to be yielded to building up a body of believers and at the same time being fed spiritually.

What I am constantly reminded is that this journey is not about us.

God has also shown me it's not what I expected either...

But days like today... being adopted into a family of believers
and accepted
and given an opportunity to use our gifts and talents
and even to be asked to share my testimony this coming Wednesday night
on a week of constantly being harassed just because we have children....
we have met several people..
that have impacted us in very positive ways as well as a few negative ones

and ministry isn't always easy.
but it sure is nice to be brought in and built up before we head to a new location.

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