Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our 1st Christmas on the Road

Nothing was "normal" about Christmas this year.... Except the pizza on Christmas Eve. ...
baked outside in a Dutch oven over an open fire.

there was no tree.
It wasn't as strange as I thought it would be.
The awning held our 1single strand of twinkling lights.

There wouldn't be any big gifts this year. A few donated gifts from a new friend & a handful of homemade crocheted items.

The kids still woke earlier than usual.

Made calls to Frank's dad & my mom.

We opted for a less traditional Christmas dinner. Inspired by our missing SoCal
maybe we watched Turbo one too many times in the past few weeks.
simple gifts of socks and toothbrushes were ok ... And a birthday cake for Jesus.... Covered in candy canes to end our day.
It was quite simple.
But it seemed ok.


3000 miles away our daughter lives with her friend... We were missing her. Sadly she was too busy to connect. There was an ache of her missing from us that cannot be filled. We are learning that even in the midst of good days ... Sometimes there is sadness in the journey.

It's always hardest to miss people at this time of the year.

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