Wednesday, December 4, 2013

4 stops til Florida

a week and  a half ago we laughed about 20 year old jokes as we drove through NC

           " Look.... guys marshmallow plants" Frank joked.

Knowing full well I was closer to tears than laughter.

MaryRachael fell for it and we all had a chuckle... you see once upon a drive to NC 19 years ago Frank had gotten his young gullible wife to say ....

               "wow. really?!!?"

as the miles passed we drove right on by Smithfield NC where my parents had lived for almost 14 years before my dad got so sick. Before they moved to CA. We chatted about going to White Swan for lunch again, someday.

that someday was still hanging in the air when we passed Highway 40.

I had planned to get off there.

I fell apart.

Being on the road is supposed to let me visit whoever  I want on the journey. And since I had clearly planned this in my head for almost 8 years God was going to let me stop 4 more times before we went south to Florida.

I was angry when we drove by that exit. And hurt. And oh so disappointed.

As we drove closer yet to South Carolina and the wave of tears had dried
I began to remember that this journey is NOT about me.

I tend to forget that.

Seeing people is a perk of the journey... but NOT the purpose.

See there were 4 very important stops to make.... according to ME.

INSTEAD... God had another plan. One He knew perfectly well I wouldn't like very much.

And here we Florida over a week before we had planned.

I am reminded that HIS plans are better than my own. And even though it hurt terribly to not visit with those friends YET on this journey... there is time.

 Just not now.

And while I did not even want to understand WHY God made us come to Florida so soon and skip those things which HE knows are dear to our heart.... I DO TRUST that His plan is the RIGHT one... even when I don't want it to be.

Our camper would likely not have made it without damage through the deep freeze that is sweeping the US right now

And HE has placed us and blessed us with productivity(even some camper improvements ...another post though) a place to worship and fellowship here beyond our wildest dreams.

But still, despite the sun and warmer temperatures I was having a hard time.

so God lovingly brought the exact people to invite us to church, share a thanksgiving meal, and new friends our way.  Perfect examples of how perfectly God takes care of us.

But like Jonah I still was not thanking God as fully as I should.
I was still thinking I should have been in Jacksonville with our friends or Salisbury or Atlanta or eating Rene's perfect biscuits in Dublin....

God has whispered into my heart that I will get sweet fellowship with old friends...
But it will be on God's timeline... not mine.

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