Sunday, December 29, 2013


 I am fairly sure we are at our best when we are within a fairly close proximity of water... unless it has alligators in it.... but this seems true with our recent trip (and very first time) in the gulf of Mexico.
I am so far behind posting actual photos of our journey it's not funny. Even this specific adventure was a few weeks ago.... and I find it strange that I have so much less time it seems on the road to be on my computer.
 As usual our crew was a crazy zany mess... but the scenery was amazing ... the day beautiful ( even if we did get there later than we had hoped) the water was warm and we got to see dolphins in the distance and a million birds.
 In a grand attempt to get Christmas photos done we attempted a few shots of the kids in the water near sunset... only to discover that Judahbug wasn't going to play nice UNLESS Frank was in the photo.
 And the shot of Frank & I was great EXCEPT I closed my eyes. And ...of course... Justyn didn't take a second one. but I did with my phone (it's down a bit)
 our little girlie was delighted to find a big body of salty sandy water after she got wet. But this picture was too cute to not share it.
  Home is relative these days.
and we close out our year... and we look back on last year at this time ... it's kind of crazy the journey.
This was a great day. Sometimes I wish more of our adventures were beachy like this one.
 Our Oceanside born boy was happy to see the open water
 Frank paddled out with Micah
 This is the miracle boy. His nose is healing at an amazing rate. Another sign of God's abundant blessings in our life.
 And this kid is such an adventurer. He is learning the guitar and jamming with musicians as we journey. I just love his smile.
 and I am missing the west coast... and our eldest girlie something fierce. Every time I see a sunset I think of here somewhere out there...
There is something so amazing about a day at the water. a soothing balm for the heart. well. any of you that know us... it works for us anyway.

and Just in case I don't have the time to post again before New Years Eve...

Happy New Year from all of us

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