Sunday, December 15, 2013

Are We There Yet?

Recently our GPS has been misguiding our steps...
It seems especially true whenever we are heading to a new church.
This morning was no exception.
Of course the normal Sunday chaos ensued.
the kids didn't get up quickly...
the coffee wasn't waking my morning fog.
Diapers were changed but we couldn't find matching shoes.
Normal Sunday morning spiritual warfare.
We pulled out 10 minutes later than we planned
and the GPS told us to turn right.
so we did.
and about 5 miles down the road
the cows were our only neighbors and the numbers didn't match the GPS
we began to wonder if we were going the "right" way.
and of course... the church was in the exact OPPOSITE direction now.
still 11 minutes away.
and it was 3 minutes til 11.
and church started at 11.

I think in those moments the devil wants us to get angry and turn around.
to give up.
to fight with our spouse or our kids.

I was frustrated but we turned around and went anyway.
To a beautiful vibrant 130 year old church
that had a beautifully done Christmas production

As we walked in the church was full.
An usher looked for seats
and came back apologetically and asked if we could sit separately.
He had gathered chairs on each side of the sanctuary to accommodate our family.

What a good problem to have.

and yet it begs the question .... WHY is it standing room ONLY ....

Are we not sharing our passion for Jesus all year through?

Why do we only seek the Saviour as a babe lying in the manger?

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