Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas not so long ago

A year ago...

the cookies were baked.
the tree was up.
the ornaments were hung with care.
our family was still whole.
daddy was retired & in school full time
we were finally starting to settle in to being retired from the USMC.
it was Judah's 1st Christmas at home
and little did we know then it was Arianna's last one as a child living with us.
the presents were wrapped & the eager anticipation hung in the air...

life has changed. It's different but it's still good.
there isn't a tree.
ornaments are tucked safely away in storage.
We still haven't baked a single cookie.
little did we know then the journey God would place before us.
that we would be holding memories of friends & family
that we would meet new people we would care for as we journeyed.

our menu for Christmas may be stranger than other years... & God had told me to remove the tree from our home for years. There are gifts because of others kindness. & I am thankful God lets me be crafty for my kidlets.

despite the change
( and dearly missing my 18 yr old)
life on the road is good.
but in a good way.

normally I would be freaking out about not having time to bake. I have struggled with the inability to buy gifts...

but the heart of Christmas is not lost.

While there is no tree filled with toys
there is still a wonder.

that wonder should point to the Saviour.

and while we may not spend all day fawning over dinner .... It is likely we will be poolside soaking in some warm Florida rays.

I may have never imagined...
not in my wildest dreams...

but I am so glad God doesn't need me to imagine how HE can use a simple family like ours ...

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