Friday, December 20, 2013

Moving Days

Life is an adventure.

especially in Florida

but this morning none of us were really ready to leave camp.

our membership makes us move every three weeks unless its peak season in Florida...then it's every 2 weeks. (which I don't pretend to understand since the parks are NOT filled to capacity but rules are rules)

and we should have been looking forward to the move. I mean Orlando is right in the heart of the fun part of Florida...right?

unless you can't really afford to do much of the fun stuff... So its like living in SoCal wishin you had the money to do everything everyone else seems to be doing... But you can't.

but are we really missing out?
what does God have planned for us at this stop? So far there is always a bigger picture ... One which I look back and see exactly how God ordains each and every step of the journey.

there are quite a few other full time families here at this campground so we are looking forward to meeting them during our stay here but moving days are hard. The littler kids napped in the car and were starving once we arrived. Then after we were picked up from lunch we went and checked out the park. By the time we got back kids were thirsty and hungry. After dinner Judah took a nap. He woke back up around 7:30 right as Aaron was putting himself to bed.

I realized today that I still haven't gotten around to editing Christmas pictures or writing our annual Christmas update.

I keep telling myself I have no one to compete with.

now I just have to believe it.

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