Thursday, November 21, 2013

quiet time

I am in the library today researching additional ways we can make money on the road

and it's so quiet.

no kids or campsite.

my exceptional husband is handling all of it...
even the dinner prep.

Except I am a 5 o'clock flasher when it comes to electronics
at least that's what my husband refers to me as
(because he is a computer guru you see)

so my research list was
  •  how to make money blogging.
  • direct sales we could do AND believe in
  • missionary support (how to get it)
  • budgeting RV life on peanuts
  • Using Social Media for profit
Well. what I have discovered is:
  •  the world is big and we are small
  • everything costs something to start
  • Nothing that interferes with ministry is worth it
  • I really don't have a clue
  • I am not as tech saavy as I thought I was.
  • I am nervous about how this budget can work for us

SO what exactly do discoveries like this mean.

I suppose it means that GOD is in control even when life feels so out of control.

that if He takes care of the birds He will certainly care for us.

this little crazy gypsy band of travelers so crazy sold out for GOD that we are on the road as full time missionaries... not wanting anyone to not hear the Gospel story.


And then I can be my own worst enemy. You know the pessimist. that glass half empty girl.

the one that people look at and say we are crazy.

But I cannot imagine going back to my old life.
I do think we are doing something different and unique.

but God's got this.

and yes. we can't sit idly by and expect that someone will gift us with a bunch of money or a bigger RV so we need to find ways to do those things.

More money means more ministry
a bigger RV


because 8 people in 30 ft camper with no slides...
yeah tuth is that before too many kids grow we will have to make money to upgrade at some point.

So would you PRAY for us to make the right decisions and figure out the best ways to advertise, grow, blog, sell, whatever to supplement our income so we can continue to share with people as we journey.

thanks. Jennifer

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  1. I can understand that feeling. We only have 4 in our 36 footer ( it has a nice big slider in the living area) and we are starting to feel the squeeze, as our 2 children continue to grow. We would love to also upgrade, to a 2 bedroom, but we are not able to afford it just yet. I am not sure what type of at-home work is available out there, though I am sure there are opportunity's. Have you consider saving money, by staying in work camps, along your travels?
    Here is a link with more info, if you are interested:
    HTH :)