Friday, November 1, 2013


Well I asked folks that liked our Facebook page to ask any questions they had about our adventures … I was only asked 1 question so far so here it is:

“are y’all living off just donations or do y’all have any other kind of support while on the road?"
No. My husband spent 20 years as an active duty Marine so we do have his retirement pay. It is meager to say the least for a family of 8 however. We do not have any OTHER without donations through PayPal to our blog. We are still currently researching how to get supported though churches as missionaries for what we are doing. It would make a huge difference of what we are able to do and who we can reach.
We are not trying to seem greedy so I really try not to bring up funding. But RV parks do cost money and so does food & clothing our kids. We work really hard at budgeting. We are thankful for what income we do have. Many of the things you see us do are very low cost or often free. In NJ we were able to visit a free zoo and the Cape May Lighthouse which was free. DC we only did the free stuff as well but there is way more to do there for free. As we travel we try to keep a monthly school outing budget but that is meager at best.
Ideally we would like to find a few churches that would be willing to partner with our ministry and support us financially. A few of our friends and a few blog readers have made donations so far. That has been a blessing as well. We set up the blog to have a PayPal button. We figured it was a safe & secure server if any of our readers were willing to donate.  Truly anything helps.
What we do on the road: Go from campsites and share Christian films and family friendly games to include Wii games on projector in the hopes of drawing a crowd. It’s really relational ministry. We will also attend local to the area churches and we often invite our camping neighbors to come with us…especially if they are local. We also use the gospel bracelet to share the gospel one on one with people and give them away as gifts. We fully fund this ministry and also make the bracelets ourselves.
I do sell a few of my crafts whenever the opportunity arises. I have been lax in updating my Etsy shop as it seems to get very little traffic. I am currently trying out a direct sales avenue that could fully fund our travels and bless so many when we get it off the ground. It’s a fantastic all natural weight loss supplement that is storming the market but until there are actual results you can see ON ME it’s been a hard sell.
So far to date God has taken care of everything we have needed and right on time. So we are just trusting in faith He will continue to do so… whether that comes from friends in the form of a meal, or a donation or just stretching my husband’s retirement pay.

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