Friday, November 15, 2013

tattered & torn

Real life.

sometimes camper life is hard.
8 people in 300 square feet of living space.
add to that a missing pair of jeans that wasn't put away & you get the gist of our morning. And of course they were my husbands new jeans ... And yeah. We flipped everything over to find them to include the way too full dirty laundry


we found


searched the van. Twice. Nope.

and the very last place...
the unmade bed
under all the pillows
neatly folded with tags still on we found the jeans.

but by this point people were angry, upset, flustered. Words has flown in anger and tears were hot. The tension hung in the air even in silence.
 Our very good morning crafting snakes with 3 little people wasn't what we will remember.

And the more I think about it... The more I consider how utterly pointless it was. All for a pair of jeans.

And why?

because in that moment that is the only thing that is important. And it WAS ridiculous.

and we chose this simpler life... But even in that simpleness things get way too much importance.

like the things we know we can't afford to replace. Or the few toys we kept get lost. Or the clothes get ripped or list. There isn't a huge monthly budget stashed away to fix things.

and trying to reasonably do life but all the while insist we are trusting God ... But not living it out because of a pair of jeans.

sometimes I wonder if I will ever get it right.

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