Saturday, November 2, 2013

Who do I share the Gospel with...?

My friend asked me this question, “How do you determine who to talk to and how to start the conversation when traveling around as a missionary sharing the good news that Christ brings?”  So I present to you this answer with rabbit trails included.

Let me start by saying that I have never been less perfect then at this moment….. What makes me the one to tell you what it takes to become the “On Fire” believer for Christ with all the answers to lead everyone you meet to Christ?  Even Jesus could not convince everyone to follow Him and this was some of the most knowledgeable men of the day.  For example look at the story of the ‘Young Rich Ruler’ in Matthew 19:16-22.  Here the man was boasting to be a follower of the Law of God yet he lacked the understanding of the true treasure heaven which is only attainable through Christ.

Think of it this way.  Have you ever had the privilege of knowing something that could change someone’s life for the better and could not hold it in anymore?  I mean when we experience something such as a great deal such as when buying a car or something as simple as a good tasting food.  Most of us don’t hide it and share the news with at least a few people we know.  Sharing the Gospel with others is what Jesus commanded us to do in the Great Commission.  Read about it in Matthew 28:16-20.

What could be better than knowing we are here for a purpose?  Now not everyone can live the life I live and yet I could not do what others do…  Here is the thing.  Now most of you who are reading this blog have made the life choice to call Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior.  This by far is the greatest accomplishment you will ever achieve in your life yet, you only needed to do was to have faith and this was a gift from God.  Now where does the purpose come in to all this?  Jesus did not come to the cross so that we could be forgiven for our sin so that we can not share this!

Now here is where I might make some of us open our eyes.  How many of us rush through our day looking forward to the time we will spend with our loved ones.  A focus so intense (like tunnel vision) that our goal is that we will be safe from the day’s woes.  How many people do we come across that are in a trial or simply struggling to find happiness.  One thing I have learned since I hit the road is that I don’t fit in everywhere I go (amazing I know).  That being said I am a hard headed and slow learner (really slow) and what I have learned is that everyone needs Jesus.  Now how are they going to hear about Jesus if we don’t tell them?  Here is what scares people.  I don’t have enough knowledge of the Bible to share my faith in Christ with someone else.  Were you so easily convinced to believe in Christ?  Are you willing to die for your belief?  Yet talking to someone about this belief is too intimidating? 

What does it take?  The answer is that it takes the determination of Moses, the courage of Daniel, the strength of David, the knowledge of Solomon, and the blind Faith of Peter to know the Living God Jesus Christ.  How does one attain this and is it even possible.  The simple answer is NO!!!!! That is crazy impossible….but the Holy Spirit can accomplish this and even more than you can imagine.

How do we determine how to approach someone with the Gospel message?  Each situation is unique so it is important to know that Jesus never apologized for what He taught, yet He was always a gentleman when it came time to explain salvation.  I say just bring it up its that important.  Jesus wanted to make sure that people understood it.  Look at it this way the disciples were with Christ for 3 years and they still didn't get it till Resurrection Day.  This being said we attempt to be prepared (failing at this a lot) to make sure that we are ready to share the Gospel.  We like to share it in a gift of a bracelet or key-chain that uses 7 colors.  It is a unique way to help them remember the message we share with them.

Now that I have your attention I will leave you with a cliff hanger.  In our next post we will explain the colors, there meanings, so that if you need a tool to help you share the Gospel you could use this one.        

In Christ,

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