Sunday, November 3, 2013

7 colors

So on the road we make bracelets with 7colored  beads. It is a really quick & easy way to share the Gospel.

The first thing I want to tell you is that the bracelets are GIFTS.
The Gospel is FREE.
We do not want to sell the bracelets.
They are a simple easy way to share your faith.
an easy way to hear the Gospel.

Often we start by asking if the person would mind if we share a "story"

No one has said no so far
when I share it often goes something like this:

The 1st bead is yellow. It is to remind us that we want to go to heaven when we die. The Bible says there is heaven & hell. Where do you want to go?

(no one has ever told me they WANT to go to hell)

the 2nd bead is black. It represents our sin. Do you know what sin is? It's anything we do that is wrong. It can be as simple as not obeying, or taking something that isn't ours. But there are many and sin isn't allowed in heaven.

but that's why the next bead is so important.

it's red. The color of blood. It is to remind us that Jesus came to earth and died an excruciating death crucified to the cross because he paid the price for our sin. That means he took our place on the cross. If you ask Him to be part of your life.

the white bead is for salvation. Just like this bracelet its a free gift. You can choose to take it or leave it. But if you choose to follow Jesus He will come into your life so you can go to heaven when you die. Do you know Jesus as your Lord and savior?

If they say no you need to take the opportunity to ask them if they want to Ask Jesus to be their savior! Lead them in a prayer or even take a few minute to open a Bible & share the Romans Road if time allows!

If they say yes. Continue...

but there are 3 more beads.
you see it doesn't end at salvation.
it's just the beginning.

God changes the desires of your heart.
so you want to grow. That's what the green bead reminds us of. Spiritual growth happens when we read our Bible, pray, get plugged in at a good Bible believing church, and fellowship with other Christians.

the gold bead is to remind us that while we don't serve Jesus for salvation we do it simply because we love him. And someday when we get to heaven we will give Jesus the crown we earned for all the ways we served as Christianson our churches and communities while we were on earth. We serve only because we love him and the Bible says we will give this crown back to Jesus as a gift for all he has done for us.

the last bead is blue.
it is for the Holy Spirit.
it is to remind you that in good times
or bad times you are never alone. Jesus walks through life with us once we trust Him as savior & Lord and even when we feel distant or alone He is always with us.

it's super simple to share your faith using a gospel bracelet. Or simply some colors. I hope this encourages you to tell a few Gospel stories.

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