Saturday, April 18, 2015

On the road again. Wow! What a day!

So they finally came. Our freedom tags! We have been waiting on license plates from Texas so we can start a new adventure.

The plates from Texas are a formality.
We are changing out domocile. As a full time rv-er's there are many reasons that we would do that. Some of which are the freedom of laws when it comes to homeschooling, the lack of smog checks,  insurance perks and the ability to say we are from the biggest continental state.

Don't get me wrong. .. we still love California but when you have no real roots it makes the most sense to pick a state that makes full time  rv living easy.

So today was a westward ho kinda day.... it started out well. But as always there were way too many potty breaks and well... yeah... the serpentine belt on the van decided to shred on the I-10. Not so fun. Frank, in true fashion was awesome and sent me to the auto part store ( thank goodness for that 2nd vehicle ) with a parts list and quickly changed it out!

We did make 406 miles today...less than I hoped for. We had a camping spot lined up then life happened so we are sleeping with the big rigs this fine evening ..

Or as Aaron calls it...moondocking.

It's lights out and no charger so g'night from rainy Florida

Where are we headed?

Come back soon and see

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  1. 400 miles is still an excellent travel day with a family pulling an RV. Plus throw in a roadside repair? Rest well - you earned it!