Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hoppy Easter

I dont know what to write some days...
Today was Easter.

And its not about egg hunts or ham and scalloped potatoes
But sometimes I find that we get caught up in the tradition that we forget how short life is.

And being stuck in an rv kitchen preparing food at camp is just well...

I would rather enjoy the day with the kids.

I mean who will even remember the menu.

Besides. It's really all about Jesus ...right?

But what does that really mean anyway?

And just HOW is that applied by eating a meal?

I am finding I ponder hard topics

This year I somehow feel like a failure.
That somehow there is a right and wrong way to celebrate.

There are over 100 fun filled family pictures with friend on my phone.
We ate lamb, and pasta and breaded eggplant. Mom even brought some traditional devilled eggs

We had a great pancake breakfast at camp
Hunted easter eggs with the other campers
Enjoyed the afternoon at the pool
Late afternoon meal with friends and family
And even made a few jamberry sales.

So what am I missing?
Arianna.  Olaf. And photos.

2 outa 3 isn't too bad

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