Monday, April 6, 2015

Blue eyed boy

This is my kitten.
He died a week ago today.
It still hurts.

When he was born his momma tried to take him out. She killed his 2 other littermates. The vet said he would be lucky to live 6 months.

Keeping weight on him has always been a struggle and he is almost always thirsty. Last weekend his kidneys shut down.

I took him to the local vet assuming the worst. The vet was a special man. He tried to save him. Bandito, the cat who loved to look our the windows of our camper as we rolled, died after surgery.

we were blessed to have him for almost 3 years. His kidneys stopped development when he was probably 6-7 weeks old. He shouldn't have lived 6 months. But he did.
My heart still hurts but I am so very thankful for a vet that tried ... this cat took a piece of my heart. And will forever be missed.

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