Sunday, April 19, 2015

650 miles

Go big or go home.

When we do we travel.

This morning I woke up around 4 and started rousing the natives (aka bears known as kidlets) we were rolling out of the rest stop as the sun was on our backs.

We drove into a wicked storm from Pensacola to Mobile Alabama. ( I would offer a few photos however they are no where on my SD card ) The gulf winds were blowing. We were thankful for the rays of sunshine as we drove deeper into Alabama and Mississippi.  By late afternoon we were in Arkansas.... sun was perfect...and temperature was pleasant. Our backroad GPS adventure was quite a drive. We even drove by the riceland  rice plant! 

As we entered Little Rock Frank called on our hand held walkie-talkies... there were more weather storm warnings...these included hail and Uhm yeah, tornado watches.... the clouds were ominous and the wind was a wee bit way too twister ish for my taste.

We made it through just past little rock. About 650 miles today. We had hoped to arrive at our destination but fell about 200 miles short. So another night of *moondocking * which is what our sweet Blondie boy calls it.

Where are we headed? Well....we will be workcamping this summer in Missouri at a small private resort campground. A different role for us.

Certainly not what we *thought* we would be doing this year but we are excited about the opportunity! 

The only challenge now is that it feels COLD after 4 months in sunny Florida. And we may need to give up some shorts for some jeans!

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