Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lingering because of the Lonestar State

So. Florida. Sunshine skies filled with blue sky and white fluffy clouds. how I will miss the pool.

We are waiting.

My moms camper and truck are being tagged ( for all those that don't speak Californian... we are waiting on license plates to arrive from Texas)

Why Texas? Well there are lots of reasons to choose Texas as your domocile state as a full time rv'er.

Yes you CAN choose the state from which you reside.

Some factors for us were insurance costs, vehicle registration fees , and homeschooling laws.

So we chose escapee's as a mail forwarding servive ... and started the process of vehicle registration. 

And now we wait. The tags are on their way and we start to leave Florida very soon.

There is a family friendly work camping position this summer in a place that was not even on our radar.

And once those tags arrive we are headed north west.... but not as far northwest as we thought.

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  1. We did some work-camping in Texas as well - and had a great time overall. Hope your engagement the goes well! We did ours in the winter...can't imagine the summer heat..;)