Wednesday, October 8, 2014

72 days and a wake up

but who is counting?

This has been a crazy 1st week and a half. Trying to work full time..high 5 Frank in the morning as I come home and he leaves for is shift at work ..homeschool the kiddos... meal plan ... make sure kids are bathed, fed, and well cared for... visit with mom... leave for work..High 5 Frank as he is headed home to eat the dinner I planned and get kids to bed and sleep while I work all night  AND have 2 birthdays.. try to get mom's hot water heater issues handled and do a jamberry business AND breathe.....
    oh yeah,  and sleep a few hours a day too.

I have written a dozen blog posts.

In my head
while I am up on the floor stowing at amazon....

too bad it's not written down...

and all those gems I have written in my head seem to vanish

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