Thursday, September 25, 2014

1st day

Both Frank and I started training this week for the next 3 months during the Amazon Holiday rush season. We were recruited through a program called camperforce. We are settling in to our campground and meeting the local folks as well as the other camperforce employees. It has been nice to find such a diverse and welcoming crowd. Although we have been told the work is long it will be pleasant to work with such a great crew of people.

It has certainly created some changes on the homefront. Our fairly loose schedule is being mapped out daily in a notebook for my mom and the kids while we do training. Meals are being carefully planned and orchestrated. and school work has taken on different forms ..again with my mom considerably more involved. See. I am working for her space. And we get our final schedules on Friday so... anything can happen. It's kind of a crazy idea, actually. but the entire endeavor lasts for less than 100 days. And after being a USMC wife for 20 years that seemed do-able.

There have been a few hiccups this week but for the most part things have run fairly well.

It's kinda crazy to be working after all this time. But I am all in. It can help us fund the rest of the entire year ( we think) but on an even crazier note we have decided to continue to build our jamberry business too during this time. Why? because its worth it.

SO ..I am working on sleep deprivation. I have woken up early so far each day because I am so afraid that I won't wake up in the morning ...since that's when I rest best.. in the morning sun just like a cat.  Next week I should be starting the night shift... so the world we seem to be a much better place.

With the 1st day jitters behind us we are starting our 3rd day of training today. and I gotta grab some coffee and get moving.

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