Thursday, September 4, 2014

God placed bumps in the road.

My mom had a camper. For a brief period.
Something to travel with us but have a space of her own..
and last week everything changed.

As we were coming out of Vegas and into Kingman AZ we gassed up... and turned on the 40 East...
and then a HUGE surge of heat came out of the engine..and a spewing of fluids from the radiator
and then NOTHING... but we were smokin' HOT.
It required a tow... and , of course, being late Friday afternoon...
the repair shop was closing for the holiday weekend ( Labor Day) until Tuesday.
We couldn't find an affordable campsite nearby so we headed to the closest Thousand Trails
(over 3 hours away)
and waited out the weekend.
and prayed.

Tuesday we got the call.
The estimate was too high for us to even entertain fixing it. There were no funds to fix it and cross the country to get to the job we have lined up for this fall. The job that will literally support our travels and our ministry for the rest of the year.

We called scrap yards... and finally found one that would accept the camper.
It would cost us the $132 in labor to determine the problem
and $100 in towing and the scrap yard would give us $50 back
it was the cheapest solution.

I suggested to Frank putting it on craigslist for FREE with the stipulation that whoever got it would need to tow it from the repair facility... it was a longshot but everything on the camper was in GOOD shape other than the radiator issue.... and it didn't do irreprable damage ( although we were advised not to drive it through any major mountain areas if we repaired it) if you are just driving in a local community.

He got an email. A man living at a hotel.
As he was talking to him a friend texted me... with an amazing offer.

So the camper has a new owner whom also paid all the fees at the repair facility. Mom signed the title over today and Frank and the boys cleaned it out... and currently it's all sitting in the back of my van. Tomorrow starts the process of weeding and repacking our current camper to fit moms things as we travel across the country.

and that amazing offer.... was from a sweet friend that we had the priveledge of meeting last year. She has a heart thats HUGE. having raised her own family she devotes her life to adopting & raising some pretty special kids! She offered us a 22ft travel trailer for my mom. Not to borrow, but as a gift... the only stipulation being we gift it to someone else if the time ever comes.

The ONLY problem is that it's in Florida.
and we still about 1600 miles to drive to get to the job at Amazon
but God has covered it ALL this far...
who am I to even consider worrying about another 1400 miles in addition round trip to get the camper. God can work out those details too.

What has been amazing is that as we were giving the one away... another was being given to us.
A miracle many of you were praying for.
Different than we could have even imagined.
But that's how God does things.
His way.
Sometimes the least way we expect.