Saturday, October 18, 2014

Too tired for a spiffy title

Whew. What a week.

Last Sunday our dynamic changed as the other rv'er I carpooled in with on nights suddenly quit at Amazon.  We prayed. A lot.

we went in on Monday ... and asked if we could both switch to the same shift...that meant leaning even more on mom handle evenings.
Frank worked days on monday & by Tuesday he was nights. What a switch!

So now we both work nights. We are here most of the day..sleep...who needs it?
(Apparently I do since I am totally sick!... and I never get sick)

We still dont know if that works yet honestly. It has been a rough week.
Add to that we BOTH had 10 hours mandatory overtime last week...
And yeah... I am whooped.
I question if it's really worth it every single day.
Our jamberry business is definitely suffering due to this mad crazy schedule....
And truth is we cannt afford NOT to build it.
So keep booking parties please and thanks!

Frank is awesome though....
He doesn't even show signs of wear & tear.

64 more days
But who's counting?

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