Monday, October 27, 2014


The birthday bashes are in full swing... at the top of the month our 3rd born son officially entered his teen years,  our littlest princess turned 8, my mom had a birthday on the road ( and we were able to take her to a full fledged pow wow.....her iriquois roots were delighted) and today my sweet Aaron-man turned 5. I remeber wondering is I would ever even meet him as I passed out after my c-section that day

I don't think... after looking through the blog posts that I even talked about that day.

For the 1st 8 hours of his little life I never even met him.

I hemmoraged in the c-section table after the c-section.

But oh. the darling sweetness that he is ....I rarely let go of him once he was born...

And he IS growing up way too fast.

5. I can hardly believe it.

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