Monday, August 5, 2013

Birthdays on the road

Today was our 4 th child's birthday.

He turned 9.

So we got up this morning & made breakfast burritos

Gave him a new backpack for his travels, a set of mini military guys, sunglasses & a sticker.

Then we got dressed

And headed to the great salt lake.

I did some research before we went...

And thought who wouldn't want to float in the great salt lake?

So we got to Antelope island
Took in the incredible scenery

Stopped at the visitor center where we saw a bison

Shortly after we trekked down to the water.
The great salt lake is full of brine shrimp & the beaches full of brine flies.

It was a very interesting experience. 

Frank & the kids floated in the super salty water... and I took a few pictures...

It was a good day.

On the way home our birthday boy requested burgers from McD's.

We headed back to our camp.. took showers since we smelled like the salt lake
( let's just say its an interesting smell that needed to not enter the camper)

Sang happy birthday & ate a cookie cake.

Yeah. A good day.

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