Friday, August 9, 2013

A change in direction.

My husband's mom is really sick.
She has been given just a short time to live.

When my dad was told that he lived 4 more months.

And we might not make it in time.

But she is all the way in upstate NY.

And we are still here in Utah.

See the thing is we have to budget every mile.

He really needs to be there for his dad & sisters. And the truth is...  if we get there in October as we budgeted... it may be way too late.

And our "adventure" my need to press pause...  just temporarily while we step in alongside family.

And so far we still have no additional support from any other churches.

And like many of you money is tight.

Would you help us to get there quicker?

A donation of any size would be a huge blessing. You can donate securely through our paypal button on the blog.


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