Sunday, June 14, 2015

Road days

Things can get challenging on travel days. As it is we have our very own caravan that consists of our camper and my moms. Frank drives one vehicle and I drive the other. Throw in gas stops and a half dozen kids and then fill propane tanks and you have a recipe for an hour and 20 minute gas stop. Only 10 minutes after we left the campground.

The 2nd gas/ rest / lunch break stop was just about as long. We drained the battery sitting there with lights on in the rain. Thank goodness we bought fuel for the generator at that 1st stop though or we would not have had a simple way to charge the battery. 

Thankful that we have made it to our destination though! Things on the road have challenges but I am so grateful when I can see how one thing that seemed to go wrong, in the end had a purpose

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